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 StableKing Update

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PostSubject: StableKing Update   StableKing Update EmptyTue Jul 17, 2007 1:53 am

Dear Stableking player

The game is currently unavailable because the hosting company were not happy with the workload on the database server to run the game. I have yet to determine the reason why this occurred but it is a sensitive issue with the hosting company because it affects other websites using the same database server.

I am looking into two things regarding this issue. Firstly, what was the cause of the problem and secondly what are the alternatives to running the game as it was.

Investigating the cause of the problem will take me several weeks. I cannot just rush to a conclusion only to find the problem re-appears a few days later and receive further complaints from the hosting company.

It may be that it was merely caused by having too many players on the site at the same time for the type of hosting account used for it. In this case I will be looking into other options which may include converting the game into a downloadable game or running it on a dedicated server.

In either case, I cannot see a quick solution to this so I would ask for your patience whilst I investigate the matter.


Steve Lewis

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StableKing Update
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